Arma Mix ULTRA

Arma Mix

Energy efficient – Powerful – Flexible

Equipped with a modern 3D- Polyamide propeller, our most energy-efficient model meets even the toughest requirements.

A propeller with 5 years warranty, 360 degree adjustability and effective 100 rpm – the Compact convinces in many ways.


  • Electrical drive is located outside the tank – thus easy maintenance
  • Ex – Zone 2 approval
  • Swivel axis is outside of the tank
  • The drive shaft with multiple bearings lubricated for life
  • Suitable for concrete, steel and enamel tanks
  • Ceiling installation or installation through the tank wall possible

Double corrosion protection

  • Galvanized
  • Teerepoxy – coated
  • or in AISI 304 or AISI 316 available.

‘Easy mounting – A gas-tight base frame is attached at the agitator, which is screwed onto the concrete frame. This is firmly anchored in the tank.

High stirring performance and excellent mixing – with short running times

  • High efficiency at different dry matter content
  • Designed for 24 hour operation
  • Large swivel range – effective agitator length in the tank up to 4.0 m: can be infinitely adjusted during operation, depending on substrate composition, quantity and dry matter content, as no bottom bearing is required.
  • Motor power selectable from 7,5 – 15,0 kW
  • 3D- Propeller made of polyamide can be used at a bacteria-friendly speed of 100 or 200 rpm.
  • Push propeller with 5 years wear guarantee

Long-shaft agitator Arma Mix COMPACT

For side & ceiling installation in 7.5, 11.0 or 15.0 kW


Biogas tanks: Hydrolysis-digester-secondary digester- final storage  Dry matter content up to 15
pH Werte 6,5 – 8,5

Agitating of the tank from above through the ceiling or laterally through the wall

Push propeller


spur gear, helical cut, low noise
Ex-gear box: Zone II
Output speeds:

7.5 kW – 100 rpm (50 Hz) IE3

11.0 kW – 100 rpm (50 Hz)

15.0 kW – 200 rpm (50 Hz)
own oil chamber, gear oil ISO VG 220 mineral oil
Oil change after 10,000 operating hours (every 2 years)


Side installation through the wall or ceiling installation
Tanks made of: Concrete/ Enamel / Stainless steel/ Steel oder Lagoons installation depth up to 3.0 m under filling level  Concrete frame: 1,15 x 1,15 m or 1.25 x 1.25 m depends what propeller is installed
Special dimensions on request


Rotation speed: 200 rpm (50 Hz)
Ø 1.000 – 1.400 mm
3D- Polyamide push propeller


Agitator lenght: 3.0/ 4.0 m depends on the propeller dimensions (lenght inside the tank) Protection tube: Ø 127 mm in AISI 316
Output tube: Ø 89 mm in AISI 304, multiple bearing
Support tube: sealing frame with support cover Ø 990 mm (gas tight), galvanized and  teerepoxy coated (stainless steel version on request) double rubber sleve  made of EPDM
Schalldruckpegel: 78 dB(A) without Sound insulation hood I 71 dB(A) with sound insulation hood


Lateral adjustment over support tube cover: 360 ° Inclication up to 45 °
Tilt adjustment with top link (hydraulic adjustment on request)
Swivel axis out of the tank


Power: 7,5 I 11,0 I 15,0 kW Voltage: 400 V or 460 V
Frequency: 50 Hz bzw. 60 Hz
Rotation speed: 1.460 U/min or 1.760 U/min  Ex-Motor: II 3G Ex n II T3
Motor protection: 3 x PTC 160° Efficiency class: IE 2  | IE 3 | IE 4  with oil reservoir


We recommend the following:
– Soft starter
– Frequency converter
– Supplied without connecting cable

In the following you will find examples of our long shaft agitators COMPACT in use

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