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Instant delivery: Arma BIOMIX

Intant Delivery: Arma BIOMIX

Save energy, fewer floating layers and longer service life?

You ask yourself how this works?

We will tell you:

With our Arma BIOMIX liquid feed pump, you can achieve just that

….and much more:

Whether elevated tank or common size,
Whether one tank or several tanks,
whether biogas, food waste or sewage sludge
– everything up to a TS content of up to 20% is possible.

The robust and low-wear feed screw and the shock-absorbing drive train or the large stone catcher with spacious service opening are just a few advantages among many.

You want to know more? you can read all further information in detail HERE.

And the most important:
Our Arma BIOMIX liquid feeding pump is available for immediate delivery (depending on the desired version).