Gas agitator ArmaBlow

Gas agitator Armablow

We have made a giant step towards a complete supplier of pumping and stirring technology.

Results from the reference plant in Germany – where a fermenter with 13% TS content is stirred with the new development (stirring times 15 min / h) – show decisive advantages over conventional agitators:

  • We stir with gas and do not pump any substrate – thus significantly less energy and power consumption than comparable systems
  • No mechanical parts in the container, therefore almost wear-free
  • Vertical and of course horizontal mixing = generation of the rotational movement in the container
  • Easy maintenance from the outside (compressor). No container emptying or lowering necessary and no interruption of gas production during service work
  • Low noise: the compressor is in the pump house
  • With only one gas stirrer (compressor) several containers can be stirred, thereby low investment costs
  • Savings in plant construction, as no service shafts, lifting and lowering systems are necessary
  • Best suited for high stainless steel and concrete tanks (from hydrolysis to the repository)
  • Reliable and gentle mixing of the biogas substrate
  • Simultaneous prevention of floating decks and sinking layers

Diverse range of application:

  • agricultural, industrial and municipal biogas plants
  • for manure
  • dry fermentation
  • wastewater treatment plant sludge
  • food industry
  • organic household waste etc.

Since this is a new mixing technology, intensive consultation on site is necessary. This of course offers the company ARMATEC-FTS by experienced employees worldwide, contact us!

principle of operation ArmaBlow

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