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Solid dosing from ARMATEC

The ARMATEC solids feeder has a high energy-saving operating principle. No premixing of the feed materials is necessary. In the case of different feed materials, the layering in the container guarantees very good mixing through the vertical dosing unit with milling drums or dosing belt with scraper bars. The solids are thus discharged with high precision, low energy consumption and low wear of tools and assemblies. A feed pump conveys the recirculated material as a liquid phase to the substrate-mixing pump. Thanks to this optimal feeding for the microorganisms, they increase the gas yield and reduce the energy required for mixing, stirring and pumping. The systems we have developed and continuously perfected for the dosing of solids in biogas plants and fermenter feeders are used internationally and prove their quality on a daily basis.


  • Absolutely uniform dosing of all substrates
  • Durable, robust and low-wear
  • High reliability
  • High corrosion and drip protection
  • Low after-sales costs
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Retrofittable for all systems
  • The rear wall is foldable for emptying in case of malfunctions with foreign bodies.
  • Immunity detection with automatic shutdown
  • High-quality feeding system for biogas plant.
  • Dosing unit and substrate mixing pump result in a complete liquid feeding system.
  • Modular design of the biogas solids Feeder.

High energy efficiency with low energy consumption: 0.28 kWh/t 

Medium to be conveyed: grass silage, solid manure, dry chicken manure, GPS, maize silage, cereals, crumbled sugar beet, also pressed in bales.

Tank volume: from 15 m³ to 200 m³.

Equipment and equipment 

Container: load cells, conveyor belt, milling drums, milling belt 

optimal with switch cabinet and control, LED weight indicator, optional with screw boom 

TS content in the biogas plant is adjustable by the mixing ratio of solid and liquid phase.

Solid dosing unit in two variants available

Milling drums
Belt drive with roller chain


Dosing belt with scraper bars
Direct belt drive with flange-mounted spur gear motor


Below you will find examples of our Solid dosing unit in operation

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