Blower pump

Blower Pumps

The Blower Pump primarely in stationary applications for clogging free pumping of slurry with a high Content of heterogeneaus Bodys:

  • on Biogas installations, pumping from the pretank into the repository. Liquefied green waste, liquid manure.
  • in Agriculture, pig feeding, pumping of liquid manure.
  • in Industrie/water Treatment plant/Pumpstation, Food residues, waste water from potato washing streets.

The special advantages of  this pump are the simply and reliably applications:

  • Not easy affected by heterogeneous Bodys like Stones.
  • Not affected if pump runns dry without liquid.
  • Low energy consumption (3 kW motor)
  • Possible wear of parts is reduced to a Minimum.
  • Self sucking
  • Pump can be placed with the lower part directly into the liquid.
  • media contacting parts in stainless steel

Use of the Blower pump in water treatment plant / Industrie

The Blower pump can pump liquid manure and sewage. Therefore the pump can be set in Biowaste plants.

For particularly difficult applications, the bellows pump is available as a submersible pump. The gear motor is located above the liquid level and outside the pit. The pump body is located in the medium. The use is possible up to a depth of 5 m.

Operational examples Blower pump

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