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The ultimate in ceiling installation


The Arma Mix TWIN long-shaft agitator is the ultimate in agitators when it comes to installation through the ceiling and is ideally suited as a pulling agitator for conveying sinking layers upwards.

Advantages of the Arma Mix TWIN

The TWIN agitator is designed for agitating fermenters with dry substrate contents of up to 13%. The tube length inside the tank can be up to 5.5 m and can be continuously adjusted horizontally from the outside during operation.
The TWIN is suitable for concrete, steel, enamel and stainless steel tanks as well as lagoons up to 3 m below the filling level and can be installed either in the ceiling or laterally through the tank wall.
Depending on requirements and tank size, one or two additional agitator blades are mounted in different positions on the protective tube and thus ensure homogenisation of the substrate in the entire tank.

Further details

  • Simple installation, as gas-tight base frame for installation of the agitator is screwed directly onto the embedding frame
  • Approval for Ex zone 2
  • Drive shaft with multiple bearings in oil bath
  • Double corrosion protection (hot-dip galvanising, tar epoxy coating or optionally completely in ss304 or ss316)
  • Motor outputs from 15.0 – 22.0 kW
  • Suction or pressure blades with 8mm plates and approx. 200 rpm
  • pH values 6.5 – 8.5
  • Substrate temperature up to 70°C

Technical data

  • Agitator length inside the tank: 5.5 m
  • Protection tube stainless steel Ø 127 mm
  • Drive tube ss304 Ø 89 mm: multiple bearings in oil bath (SAE 80 W 90)
  • Support tube to hold the drive shaft, protective tube, support tube cover and coupling
  • Base frame with support tube cover gas-tight Ø 880 mm: galvanised with tar epoxy resin coating (stainless steel on request)
  • Double bellows seal made of EPDM
  • Sound pressure level: 78 dB(A) (with sound insulation bonnet 71 dB(A))


Laterally via support tube cover:

  • Inclination up to 45 °
  • Inclination adjustment via top link
  • Pivot axis outside the tank


Laterally via support tube cover:

  • Inclination up to 45 °
  • Inclination adjustment via top link
  • Pivot axis outside the tankVoltage: 400 V | 460 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz | 60 Hz
  • Speed: 1,460 rpm | 1,760 rpm
  • Ex motor: II 3G Ex n II T3
  • Motor protection: 3 x PTC 160° Efficiency class: IE 2 Oil expansion tank


  • Spur gear, helical gears, low-noise
  • Ex-gearbox: Zone II
  • Reduction ratio: i = 7.27
  • Separate oil chamber, gear oil ISO VG 220 mineral oil
  • Oil change after 500 or 10,000 operating hours (every 2 years)


201 rpm at 50 Hz | 199 rpm at 60 Hz
2 or 3 push or pull blades
Suitable for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
Ø 880 – 1,000 mm
Steel coated or stainless steel (ss304/ss316)

We recommend soft start control/frequency inverter
Delivery without connection cable