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ARMATEC Pipe Inline Cutter

Constipation is a thing of the past

ARMATEC Pipe Inline Cutter

A report from the field

Small biogas plants are often equipped with small progressive cavity pumps. However, the substrate that the pump conveys is not chopped smaller or contains less fibre than in large plants. Therefore, there is a risk of clogging and blockage in the suction housing of the progressive cavity pump. In a customer’s plant, chopped grass, manure and sugar beet are fed and the customer repeatedly had to deal with blockages.

Since the installation of the Armatec pipe inline cutter in November 2016 in the suction line of the progressive cavity pump, there are no more blockages, the fermenter needs less stirring and the medium is altogether more fluid, so that also much less deposits remain in the fermenter.


  • Maintenance work reduced
  • Wear costs reduced
  • Energy costs for pumping and agitating operations reduced
  • Plant availability improved
  • Feed utilisation improved


  • Sector: Biogas, Agricultural technology, Wastewater technology
  • Repowering: Comminution of fibres and coarse materials
  • Wear reduction: Increased service life of pump wear parts Reduction of clogging risks and floating layers
  • Homogenisation: Homogenisation of the substrate

Technical data


  • Drive: 4 kW asynchronous motor, 2920 rpm
  • Knives: cutting knives on both sides
  • Reversing control: individually adjustable, detection of non-choppable material
  • Installation: directly in the pipeline

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