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stationary use for blockage-free pumping of highly viscous liquids

Blower pump – BG series

The bellows pump is primarily used in stationary applications for the blockage-free pumping of highly viscous liquids with solids content. In particular the blower pumps are suitable:

  • on biogas plants for pumping substrates and liquid manure
  • in agriculture for pumping liquid manure and slurry
  • in industry for pumping food waste, waste water and other liquids in sewage treatment plants

Use in wastewater treatment plants or in industrial plants

The blower pump can pump food waste and wastewater and can therefore be used, among other things, in biowaste plants.

For particularly difficult applications, the blower pump is available as a submersible pump. The gear motor is located above the liquid level and outside the pit. The pump body is located in the medium. It can be used up to a submersion depth of 5 m.

Advantages of the blower pump

The advantages of the blower pump are its simple design and reliability:

  • Largely insensitive to foreign bodies such as stones.
  • Dry-running safe – pump can run for several hours even without medium to be pumped
  • Low power consumption (3 kW motor)
  • Largely wear-free, as there are few moving parts
  • Self-priming
  • Pump can be placed directly into the medium as a submersible pump
  • All components that come into contact with the medium are made of stainless steel, e.g. the pump housing or the flap system