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Slow speeds, high circulation capacity and long service life


Sit back and relax with the Arma Mix EVO: Thanks to stainless steel within the substrate, slow speeds at high circulation rates and robust bearings, the longevity is particularly high.

Vorteile des Arma Mix EVO

The EVO is designed for digesters with dry matter contents of up to 13%. The pipe length inside the tank is  4 metres. Stirring is possible at all levels and, thanks to CFD simulation, we have tested it down to 8 metres below the fill level.

The vertical adjustment can be adjusted by ±15 ° by means of a top link or, on request, hydraulic adjustment. In addition, the adjustment device is mounted on the sealing plate, which means that no drilling into the tank wall is necessary.

Since the pipe does not need to be filled with oil and the EVO has a modular design, maintenance work is time and cost-saving, which also benefits the environment.

Further details

  • Simple installation, as gas-tight base frame for installation of the agitator is screwed directly onto the embedding frame
  • Approval for Ex zone 2
  • Robust bearing due to tapered roller bearings with large bearing distance
  • Motor outputs from 15.0 – 22.0 kW
  • pH values 6.5 – 8.5
  • Substrate temperature up to 55°C

technical data

  • Optional installation up to 8 m below fill level
  • Tank opening 1.0 x 1.0 m
  • Vertical adjustment ±15 °
  • Easy installation and removal thanks to modular design
  • Base plate dimensions optionally at choice
  • Armoured seal
  • Seal control

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