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The new generation of separation

Separators from ARMATEC

The SEPARATOR is a press screw separator for dewatering slurry, digestate or other slurry. In combination with the equalising tank and the automatic control, the device works, independent of the properties of the substrate, in a safety-monitored manner and with the highest throughput.

Advantages of the Arma SPLIT

  • Highest running performance due to the press screw fitted with hard metal plates
  • Long maintenance intervals and high safety due to mechanical seal with permanent oil lubrication
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Pneumatic pressing unit with constant pressing force (even with changing media)
  • Safety monitoring by pressure switch on the press unit

Advantages of Separation

  • Reduction of the liquid storage volume of slurry and digestate
  • Reduction of sink and floating layers during storage
  • Savings in agitation technology in the storage tanks
  • Greater flexibility in spreading and no impurities
  • Use of the solid phase as straw substitute and bedding in dairy farming
  • Separation of nutrients, nutrient management:
    • Immediately available nitrogen (NH4) mainly in the liquid phase.
    • Organically bound nitrogen and phosphorus are largely separated with the solid phase
    • Saving of nitrogen losses in connection with application close to the ground