New Mixing Generation

Simple and fast  hydraulic or electric height adjustment of the agitator, the exact submersion
level in the container is always defined.

With the electric drive version, the position of the agitator can be automatically adjusted to the filling
level via a control system, thus always ensuring optimum adjustment of the agitating effect and efficient
prevention of floating layers, regardless of the filling level of the container.

Through automatic, cyclic positoning of the agitator at different levels in the tank, uniform mixing is
achieved in all layers of the substrate.

Flow-favorable installation position in the substrate flow for a circulating flow following the tank wall as
well as optimal connected with unhindered flow around the agitator due to generous distance to the tank

Easy to service – the agitator can be mounted and dismounted laterally through a wall opening without
opening the roof.


No floor bearing in the tank necessary.

No flow resistance due to masts, cables, steel ropes, sledge system, etc. – thus highest agitating
performance at low energy consumption.

No operatonal disturbances due to broken cables or steel ropes – all electrical connections are protected
in the support tube.

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